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Solimar Pneumatics offer a family of Silo Fluidizers that promote the discharge of dry products from bulk road tankers, storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and IBC´s. Solimar´s disk fluidizer system provides aeration & vibration for fast, efficient unloading of dry bulk materials in the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, petroleum and construction industries.

Silo Fluidizer

Solimar Pneumatics offer a family of Silo Fluidizers that promote the discharge of dry products from storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and IBC’s. Solimar Fluidizers enable a uniform flow of most dry bulk materials through aeration and hopper wall vibration that helps prevent bridging, rat holing and compacting.

Air Knocker

Solimar offers an Original Pneumatic Hammering Technology. Sticky and compacted material is loosened by the impact of the Knocker piston with adjustable force provided by variable air pressure.

The pneumatic knocker achieves a high grade of impact energy by the spontaneous release of the accumulated compressed air pressure. Simple design, excellent durability and easy maintenance.

Dry Bulk Fluidizer

Solimar Disk Fluidizer for dry bulk tank tailers Provides Aeration & Vibration for Fast, Efficient Unloading of Dry Bulk Materials. Pressurized air enters the exterior manifold & is forced through the opening of the tank’s hopper wall. The Fluidizer disk disperses the air along the inside of the hopper. Near the end of

the unloading cycle the Fluidizer begins to vibrate. This combination of air flow along the hopper wall & gentle vibration of the disk prevents bridging & ratholing while generating quick product flow to

the outlet & ensuring good clean out of the trailer.

Sanitary Fluidizer

Sanitary Fluidizer Kit assemblies are ideal for installation in hoppers or bins that contain contaminant sensitive products and require frequent inspection and maintenance. Once installed, you can perform regular inspection and cleaning as required by any preventive maintenance program. All done from the

outside, without confined space entry requirements, saving time and money.

MD Fluidizer

Instances of Solimar fluidizer disks contaminating product are extremely rare, but disks that have been mechanically damaged during bin cleaning, by extreme air pressures or improper installation could potentially cause a problem. Designed to meet the stringent process requirements primarily of the dairy, pharmaceutical and food related industries; Solimar Pneumatics has developed the first Metal Detectable Fluidizer Disk. Your only choice when zero
contamination is a must.



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